Second Home Insurance: Discounts & Coverage

At F.I. Patnode Insurance, we put 80 years of experience in the insurance industry to work for each of our clients. We also bring the benefit of being licensed in numerous other states, including Florida and New Hampshire. Whether you own a vacation home in the Keys, a second home on the Cape or a rental in Beacon Hill, we have you covered.

Cutting the Costs of Second Home Insurance

The initial cost of second home insurance often shocks our clients. However, there are discounts that apply to a variety of coverage options.

Common second home insurance discounts include:

  • Bundling: If you bundle all of your homeowners insurance policies with us, you can often receive a second home insurance discount or a multi-policy discount.
  • Installing security systems: One reason why insurance for second homes can cost more than your first home has to do with the fact that most second homeowners do not spend as much time in their second homes. The time left unattended opens the insurance company to greater risks, such as theft or fire. Installing a security system, and running it when you are not present, can help lower that risk for the company.
  • Renting out your second home: Having tenants rent your home when you are not using it can lower the cost of your insurance, as this also lowers the risk for the underwriter.
    For a reliable quote for insurance that properly covers your needs while also fitting into your overall budget, reach out to our reliable insurance professionals today. We will compare coverage across various carriers to ensure you get the right policy for you.

Insuring Second Homes in Massachusetts, Florida and New Hampshire

Contact F.I. Patnode Insurance today to obtain a quote for second home insurance. We have been based in the same location in Brighton for 40 years. We welcome walk-ins at our main street location, as well as scheduled appointments by phone (617-787-1400 or toll free 800-696-1404).