Renters Insurance: Protect Your Personal Property

As a renter, you want to feel secure in knowing that your personal belongings are protected against loss. As independent insurance agents, we at F.I. Patnode Insurance can help you compare renters insurance quotes across numerous companies to help you find the right policy for you.

For 80 years, we have helped individuals and families throughout the Brighton area insure their personal belongings and protect their homes against losses caused by theft, fire, smoke damage and vandalism.

Helping You Identify How Much Insurance You Need

Most renters think they do not need insurance since they do not own their homes. However, all it takes is a quick inventory of your apartment or condo to see that your belongings add up in value. For instance, if you open your closet and count your suits or dresses, shoes and jeans, you might be surprised to see you own clothing valued at nearly $5,000. If you own jewelry, an entertainment center complete with flat-screen TV and numerous movies, that $5,000 increases quickly.

We encourage our clients to complete a full inventory of their leased apartments, condos or houses. Take pictures of highly valuable items, such as jewelry and furs. Create a comprehensive list of items from your kitchen, bedroom and living room. Then bring those items to our Brighton office to begin discussing your renters insurance options. Or complete our online request form to obtain a renters insurance quote.

Renters Insurance and “Loss of Use” Coverage

A unique aspect of many renters insurance policies is that they protect against permanent loss of a rental unit. For example, if your apartment is destroyed by a gas explosion, your renters insurance could cover a temporary home and meals for you until you find a new place to live. We can discuss this type of coverage with you to determine if it should be worked into your policy.

Contact Us to Learn How to Insure Your Personal Property

Contact F.I. Patnode online or call us at 617-787-1400 or toll free 800-696-1404 to learn more about renters insurance and how it can help you. We can provide comparison quotes that provide you with various cost options and explain why sometimes the cheapest insurance is not really a bargain.