Compare Home Insurance Quotes

If you are like other homeowners, your home is your most prized possession. You do not want to trust the protection of your home to a random company with insurance policies you do not understand. You want to find an agent who can help you compare policies, ratings and quotes to ensure you are getting the best policy.

At F.I. Patnode Insurance, we know how important your family and your home are to you. As a family business passed down from generation to generation, we place high value on personalized services and tailored insurance policies that truly meet the needs of each of our customers. We take the job of securing your personal investment to heart.

Comparing Quotes and Maintaining Updated Insurance Coverage

As independent agents, we are not restricted to offering policies from a single insurance company. We take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your goals. We then take that information and review home, personal and umbrella policies across numerous companies to ensure we find the right policy for you. We also review your policy on an ongoing basis so we can adjust your coverage when your needs or situation change.

Homeowners Insurance Costs, Discounts and Credits

One of the most confusing aspects of homeowners insurance for many first-time home buyers is the value the insurance company places on your home. The value is not the price you paid for your home, but is instead the cost associated with fully replacing your home should you need to rebuild it. We will compare home insurance quotes across the industry to make sure you are not paying too much for your coverage. We will also evaluate each quote for the discounts and credits provided to you, including:

  • Fire and burglary alarms
  • Non-smokers credit
  • Multi-policy credits
  • New home buyer discount
  • Loyalty credits

Bundle your homeowners policy with your car insurance policy for extra savings! Or learn about credits and discounts when purchasing and insuring a second home. Reach out to our professionals today.

Let Us Help You Insure Your House and Personal Property

Contact F.I. Patnode Insurance online or call us at 617-787-1400 or toll free 800-696-1404. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a renter seeking renters insurance, we can help.