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What is Credit Insurance and How Can it Help Your Business?

If you haven’t considered credit insurance as a part of your overall business insurance portfolio, you should. Credit insurance—also referred to as trade insurance, bad debt insurance or accounts

How to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

On average, seven teens are killed in car crashes every day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, the CDC statistics show that automobile collisions are the leading

Types of Homeowners Insurance

Types of Homeowners Insurance - An Interview with Jason Patnode The following interview with Jason Patnode was originally published at Mass Reality. Tell us a little bit about your company and

Do You Need Flood Insurance for All Kinds of Water Damage?

Water damage in your home can be caused by a variety of incidents, and your home insurance does not provide coverage for all of them. Unfortunately, water damage can be extremely

Reminder About Penalties for Not Having Health Insurance in Massachusetts in 2014

Massachusetts residents are much farther along in their experience with healthcare reform than the rest of the U.S. When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was enacted by the